Vision, Emotion, and Drive – Connecting the Dots

Vision appears very early in Brian Moran’s The 12 Week Year. By Chapter 3, the author has pitched us on the overall value of the system, and is just starting to dive into its underlying parts.

Vision is discussed for what seems like only a brief time before we move on to other, connected concepts.

We’re left with the question:
What is it about Vision that makes it so foundational, so integral to a planning system like this?
And also, why do we always seem to hear mention of Vision in business, self-help, and personal development discussions?

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3 Quick Uses for Amazon Lambda

For those of us that are used to server-based architectures, a platform like Amazon Lambda might seem unintuitive or downright useless.

  • What the heck can we use it for?
  • Why would anyone go through the hassle of learning this platform, when they could easy accomplish it with a more traditional architecture?

Turns out that server-less architectures can reduce the complexity of the systems we need to personally maintain, monitor, and scale.

Here are 3 quick uses for Amazon Lambda
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