Vision, Emotion, and Drive – Connecting the Dots

Vision appears very early in Brian Moran’s The 12 Week Year. By Chapter 3, the author has pitched us on the overall value of the system, and is just starting to dive into its underlying parts.

Vision is discussed for what seems like only a brief time before we move on to other, connected concepts.

We’re left with the question:
What is it about Vision that makes it so foundational, so integral to a planning system like this?
And also, why do we always seem to hear mention of Vision in business, self-help, and personal development discussions?

It’s simply this:
Vision is the single best mechanism we have for energizing the mind, guiding our emotions, and changing our personal state.

[citation needed]“, you say? It’s true!
Gurus like Tony Robbins have taught it for decades.
Coaches and Olympic athletes nearly all incorporate it as well.

Vision generates the feelings that drive us to move in the right direction, and take the right action, to achieve incredible results.

Reality Shift

What happens when we choose to use Vision regularly, and improve at it?
Let’s explore how our perspective evolves.

  • We’re able to generate more powerful, vibrant, and engaging visions, stretching our imaginations beyond their previous limits
  • The visions feel more REAL to us – which means they’ll have greater impact and influence
  • We get more comfortable with the possibility – no, the reality! – of the change we see
  • Challenges seem less daunting, less invincible
  • The reality we envision begins to seem INEVITABLE

That all makes sense.
The Vision feels vibrant and real.
We get comfortable with the new reality.
Suddenly we’re less scared of obstacles.
…And then – gasp – we feel like it’s our DESTINY!

Now that our perspective has changed, how does it influence our behavior?

  • Studies show that most of our decisions are actually driven by emotion, and logic is used merely to justify.
  • Our daily motivation, too, is made mostly of emotion, pulling us towards some tasks with gusto, while pushing others away at all costs.

Applying It

So what about our vision?

Think about any ongoing goals you have now, quarterly or otherwise.

  • How clear is the underlying vision? Could it be clearer?
  • How inspired do you feel by it? Could it use some more investment?
  • How frequently do you encounter it, and consider it? Could it serve you better if it was more prominent?

For me at least, the answer to each of the trailing questions is “YES”!
Spending more time with our vision – developing it, clarifying it, reveling in it – is an investment in our future motivation.


  1. Our personal vision is the powerful emotional link between where we are now, and where we are headed.
  2. Our personal vision links to and amplifies our business vision.
  3. It provides a “line of sight” to where we are going (“oh look, it’s right over there..!”), and a powerful pull in the right direction.

And it gets better, every time we connect with it.